Quality Policy

Since 1998, SAM’S Mission is to manufacture and assemble aluminum and PVC window frames, counting on a team of professionals specialized in its growth and development. We operate in a vast area of ​​the market: both at the level of clientele and geographically. Focused on continuous customer satisfaction, our Vision is based on having solutions that are always tailored to each customer.

In order to meet the natural requirements of our customers and internal requirements, we are certified by the NP EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Therefore, we are committed to complying with its requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system, ensuring that our activities are carried out accordingly. We are also committed to providing adequate training to our employees, optimizing our services, properly handling all complaints received, listening to customers, complying with all legislation, regulations and other requirements applicable to the company’s activities.

With the full involvement of all Employees in the development and maintenance of the Quality Management System, SAM’S Management intends to strengthen the company’s structure in order to satisfy customers, provide quality products and services, obtain sustained growth and grow in the market.

Quality Policy



Quality Control is carried out from the reception of the raw material, during the production of the intermediate product to the final span. Upon receipt of the raw material, complete controls are carried out, both dimensional and possible defects, namely in the glass, profiles and accessories. In the event of a non-compliance, occurrences are recorded and actions are taken to eliminate the causes, always working to increase the efficiency of the Logistics, Production and Assembly processes at the Customer.

Aluminum and PVC

During the production process, controls are carried out on the behavior of materials in the Aluminum cutting and machining processes, both in the PVC cutting and welding processes, in order to detect possible failures, as soon as possible, and correct them immediately. There is close collaboration, communication and team attitude between the production team and the quality team, as they are both motivated to deliver the product with quality and customer satisfaction. Each stage of the production process has inspection plans, quality control methods and acceptance criteria, aiming to achieve high levels of quality, productivity, with the least waste of time and resources. During the Assembly Process are carried out quality controls and inspections in order to confirm the window or door thermal, acoustic and comfort performance.

Quality Policy

We have a recognized Class V building permit.

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All manufactured products have CE marking.

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Certified by EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

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